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Voice Actor: Yukihiro Misono (JP)
Josh Cohen (EN)
Species: Gurak
Gender: Male
Affiliation(s): Zangurak
Family: Zepha (brother)
Skills: Shockwave Blast, Bolt Arrow toss, Spirit Attack Jump Slash.
Weapon: East Wing and West Wing
Magic: Teleportation
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Zesha is a character in The Last Story. He and his brother, Zepha, are loyal servants to King Zangurak, being of the Gurak race. He has a red aura that surrounds him.

He is a boss fought three times in the game. The first time, Zael and the party members approach Zepha and him on Fortress Island during Chapter 37. He is the main attack unit in that battle attacking with a form of Jump Slash and teleporting to his opponents for sneak attacks. The second time, Zael encounters him again as he wants to avenge is brother. When Zesha kills Lowell, Zael can choose to either fight with him again or escape to find Calista, thus beginning the third fight. He attacks with dual-swords similar to his brother and Syrenne as he has faster attack speed. In the second fight, he can perform long range shockwave arracks to his opponents and counter their attacks. Zesha can also teleport to any opponent he wants unless Zael is using Gathering. He can shoot multiple bolt arrows into his opponents and make them self-destruct, leading to massive damage.

His weapons West Wing and East Wing are obtainable after the final boss, when you are running towards the exit of The Last World. They can be found at the very place you fought Zesha.

He can be used in Deathmatch. Like his brother, he has a faster attack speed, but he deals medium damage. He can diffuse magic circles by performing a spirit attack over them, but he runs slowly.

The Last Story OST - Dance of Death

The Last Story OST - Dance of Death

Music played when fighting Zesha the 2nd time.