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Voice Actor: N/A (JP)
Antony Byrne (EN)
Species: Gurak
Gender: Male
Affiliation(s): Zangurak
Family: Zesha (brother)
Skills: {{{skill}}}
Weapon: North Wing and South Wing
Magic: Star Elemental Magic

Elemental Barrier Magic Teleportation

Armor: {{{armor}}}

Zepha is a character in The Last Story. He and his brother, Zesha, serve loyalty to Zangurak. He is a Gurak and a blue 'aura' surrounds him.

He is a boss fought twice in the game: once in a battle with Zesha at Fortress Island in Chapter 37, and once again on the pathway to Zangurak in The Last World. He uses magic and can also summon special types of barriers. His barriers change and react to different type of elements. He can summon a red, blue, green, yellow or white barrier. The corresponding spells to each color are Fire, Ice, Nature, Holy, and Wind. Zepha attacks with dual-swords like his brother and Syrenne. He has faster attack speed but he rarely attacks. Upon fighting him the first time, when Zael breaks his barrier, he and his brother can jump to the middle of the battlefield and create a shockwave to his party members.

He can be used in Deathmatch mode. He uses Lightning magic as well as Vertical Slice and Slash but his physical attacks deal light damage.

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