Zael's Mother is a minor character. She is only mentioned a few times in the game, and she is rarely seen, as she dies many years prior to the game's start. She is the only family member of Zael's actually seen.

Appearance Edit

Zael's Mother is only seen in detail during a flashback in Zael's mind, when she is killed by bandits raiding their village. She had long brown hair in a loose braid tied with a blue feather. Her eyes were blue. Her concept art shows her wearing a white shirt with large sleeves, a brown overdress, and brown Cowboy boots. She had a jewel on her forehead and a white rectangular necklace, which is similar in design to Zael's earring. She also wore pearl earrings, and three rings: one was silver, possibly her wedding ring, and the others were blue and green. Based on her appearance, she was most likely 31-35 years old when she died.

Background Edit

Zael's mother lived with him and his father in their village, but Zael's father is not seen or mentioned being present during the destruction of the village.

When Zael was still a young boy, the village he and his mother lived in was ransacked by bandits and burned to the ground. His mother was one of the villagers who was killed, and afterwards, Zael was on his own.

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