This quest is available after completing Chapter 21.

Speak to the Fortune Teller and allow her to read your love fortune. She will say that a romantic meeting is waiting for you on the east balcony of Central Plaza. Go there and speak/flirt to the girl that appears.

If you pick the right answer 2 out of 3 times, the girl will tell you that she'll be waiting on the second floor of the Flame & Lizard. You may have your fortune read 8 times and speak to 8 different women, each of whom will meet you at the tavern.

The following are the correct answer for all conversations:

Name Question 1 Question 2 Question 3
Lonely Spinster Thank you No, I think you're kind I like a gentle older woman
Playful Woman I agree Within your heart How about dinner?
Hopeless Romantic I am sure you will Maybe sooner than you think My dear, I am your prince
Serious Woman Calm judgment A sense of care for the world A lack of self-confidence
Feisty Cougar I prefer older women I do I would love to
Friendly Older Girl No Older girls, I guess Absolutely!
Chatty Noblewoman There's no one thing I think it's great Of course I do
Demanding Girl You have beautiful eyes I love your forceful personality Not really

Reward: Satisfaction and feeling appreciated (or guilty?)

Note: the girls can appear in any order, but the 8 will eventually appear.

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