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"But my services don't extend to socializing in the pub. We can't all be delightful social butterflies like Syrenne."

—Yurick being aloof

Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono (JP)

Colin Ryan (EN)

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation(s): Zael´s Mercenaries
Family: Yurick's father (deceased)

Yurick's mother (deceased)

Skills: Meteor

Big Bang (Chapter 40 only)

Weapon: Affection Dagger
Magic: Fire Magic

Inversion Magic

Armor: Brave Armor

A mage who uses fire to fight his adversaries. Yurick may be the youngest of the mercenaries, but his prowess marks him out as one of the most powerful.

Yurick is a man of few words and seemingly even less emotion. He works as a mercenary purely as a method of survival.

His father disappeared under dubious circumstances when he was young, and his mother passed away shortly after. Fate has left Yurick without any family in the world. - Instruction Manual

Yurick (Yuris in the Japanese version) is the youngest of the mercenaries. He has great capabilities in battle where he makes use of his flame magic. He is the tritagonist and tertiary protagonist of the game as he plays a larger role than the rest of the mercenaries after Zael & Calista, especially after Dagran's corruption.


At first, Yurick does not talk much and does not try to get along with his peers. He treats mercenary work as a means of survival. Yurick appears to be very aloof, but he has a very soft-hearted and caring personality. He is also easily frightened by ghosts. As the story progresses, Yurick will slowly begin to open up to everyone after a certain event has been reached.

In the beginning, he is shown to be a bit antisocial, but in battle he is very engaged and gives advice.

In Chapter 14, when you help Yurick investigate a shipwreck under the island, Yurick tells Zael and the others about his past. With help from Zael he manages to fulfill his father's wishes and then starts to become more friendly to and supportive of his comrades.


As a child, his father became a captain of a sea crew and traveled around the world. Yurick stayed with his mother until they found out Yurick's father has been involved in a dangerous mission. Several days later, rumors started and said that the captain had run away because he knew that the village was going to be attacked, but Yurick believed that he stayed and fought on.

Afterward, Yurick and his mother had to leave the village. A short time later his mother passed away. Yurick decided to study the arcane arts after the incident. Despite his best efforts he was unable to master magic. Because of this he replaced his right eye with a magic stone which gives him great power (though he feels like he might lose control of it if he lets himself go). The stone makes his fire magic second to none. At the end of the game, Yurick discovers that the magic stone was trying to release what was really hiding behind Yurick: an ultimate power that surpasses almost anyone's magic.


  • Flare: Flame magic. Combined with Zael's Gale gives you Guard Break, which lets you ignore enemies' defenses and breaking their guard.
  • Prominence: Superior flame magic. Combined with Gale, also gives you Guard Break, but lowers enemies' defenses greatly. Upgraded version of Flare (replaces it in Command Mode.)
  • Reverse: Inversion magic. Converts enemy heal circles into damage circles and converts enemy damage circles in to heal circles.
  • Meteor (Spirit Attack): High Grade level flame magic. Deals great damage to enemies and deals Guard Break.
  • Big Bang (Spirit Attack): Ultimate flame magic: Only available in the final Chapter 40 boss. Deals insane damage, gives Guard Break and Destroys Forcefields.

Yurik has the highest Magic, the third highest Magic Defense, and the third highest Agility (alongside Mirania & Calista) stat in the game. Though he has the 2nd lowest Attack, and the lowest Defense in the game.


  • During an easter egg conversation Zael can overhear between the male mercenaries, it is revealed that Yurick "is a big as a Muruk".
  • The source of Yurick's power comes from a magic stone placed in his eye (under the eye patch), it bares similar markings to those on Mirania's forehead.
    • To see this stone upclose Zael has to talk to Yurick just after completeing chapter 22 , otherwise you will only see it in the final boss battle.
  • It is often believed that Yurick and Mirania are romantically link as they are often together in a similar fashion as Zael & Calista and Lowell & Syrenne, though this isn't confirmed.
  • Since his visit, the children in the Library have been left with a strong impression on the mage, who in turn have reminded him of his childhood in magic.
  • Yurick is well studied as he knows many facts in the game, including knowledge of the Gurak & Human relationships which even General Asthar didn't know.
  • As evidenced in the Haunted Mansion, Yurick is easily frightened when faced with something terrifying, such as ghosts, to the point that he even wet himself (which he said was sweat to defend himself).
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