Hungry Child

Ariela giving the meal to Zael

This quest becomes available after Chapter 6

After clearing the Bandit's Warehouse chapter, Ariela will give you a handmade lunch at the tavern.

You can now begin the series of exchanges that constitute this side-quest

  1. Give the lunch to the boy sitting down at the riverside when you go down the stairs east of Central Plaza, and receive a Towel.
  2. Give the man in Artisan's Way the Towel in exchange for the book, "The Art of Magic."
  3. Give the book to the boy in mage robes in the Library to receive another book, "The Rules of Nobility."
  4. Give the book to a woman outside the castle gate to receive a Precious Jewel.
  5. Give the jewel to the noblewoman on the east wing (3rd floor) of the Great Hall in exchange for Zoran's Voyage Log.
  6. Give the log to Zoran in the Dungeon to receive Zoran's Sword.

Reward: Zoran's Sword

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