Team Zael (alternatively referred to as Dagran's Mercenaries) are a group of mercenaries which consist of the main protagonists of THE LAST STORY. The groups was founded by Zael and Dagran several years before the events of the game, with Dagran serving as the leader until his death. The group is now lead by the game's protagonist Zael. Though their's no apparent offical name, the Arena's commentors refer to the group as Team Zael (even when Dagran was leading the group).


The group was formed by Dagran with assistance by Zael under the seemingly noble goal of having the group have a better life. In secret, Dagran really formed the group to have everyone unknowingly help him get revenge for the supposed leader of the attack on his (Dagran) village: General Asthar. Each member had their own reason for joining the group, but Syrenne's & Lowell's reason are never elaborated upon. It is said throughout the game that other's (such as Zoran) were part of the mercenaries, but they -as implied by Dagran- seem to have been killed in combat (though in Zoran's case, it's because he betrayed the team).



  • Zael - A former street urchin-turned-knight and the current leader and co-founder. Started and joined the group to become a knight so that he may protect people.
  • Calista - The princess-turned-ruler of Lazulis Island and the most recent member. Joined the group to see the world outside the catsle walls with Zael and to learn the dark secret of the island.
  • Yurick - A Fire mage and the youngest and most serious member of the group. Joined for the sake of survival, but changed his objective to discover his father's disappearance and to protect people.
  • Syrenne - a foul-mouthed, heavy drinking woman who was once a warrior who serves as the mood maker and motherhen of the group. Seemingly joined for the thrill of the fighting and money, but is hinted to really have joined to escape her sorrowful past.
  • Lowell - A deep-thinking, but skirt-chasing Ice mage who acts as the group's fatherly figure. Reason for joining is uknown, but is hinted to be to escape his tragic past. Occasionally acts as the substitute leader.
  • Mirania - A sweet, but mysterious and gluttonous Nature mage who was raised in the forest. Reason for joining was to discover the reason for the world's decaying.


  • Dagran - A man who was once a street urchin and the former leader and co-founder. Betrayed the group for personal revenge and revealed to have used the group as pawns.
  • Zoran - A bandit who was once a member before selling the group out for money. Is hinted to be one of the earliest members.

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