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"Save the business talk for later. It's time to get smashed!"


Voice Actor: Megumi Toyoguchi (JP)
Kelly Wenham (EN)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation(s): Dagran's Mercenaries
Family: None
Skills: Shadow Bind
Weapon: Dual Rogue Edges
Magic: None
Armor: Hunter's Armor

A feisty warrior who specialises in a fighting style that uses two blades simultaneously. Syrenne is the heart and soul of any party and helps make life a little bit brighter for Zael and his friends.

She is foul-mouthed and probably drinks a bit too much, but when it comes to looking after her friends, none can compare. Above all, Syrenne loves a good fight and will charge into battle without any fear or regret. - Instruction Manual

Syrenne (Seiren in the Japanese version) is a member of Dagran's mercenary group.


Syrenne used to be a soldier in a war. There were many female soldiers in her homeland and every time something bad happened, the male soldiers would run away. This is the cause for her hatred/distrust of men. She was injured in battle and when she awoke everything and everyone in her homeland was gone. She mentions this to Zael and explains that because she had not actually seen the destruction, it doesn't seem real enough to her. She has never been able to cry about it (even now) and feels guilty, unable to move on.


Syrenne is said to be the mood-maker and alcoholic of the group. She always tells it like it is and doesn't mince words. She is also very reckless when it comes to the battlefield and is often foul-mouthed, however she is very fond of and supportive of her companions. She is also claustrophobic and dislikes swimming.

Syrenne also demonstrates a playful side. She likes to tease her friends, especially Zael, and often uses sexual innuendo. For example, in the bath scene with Calista she spoke about Calista's money bags using suggestive language, leaving Zael with the wrong impression. She also does this when taking Zael to the Arena for the first time.

It is shown that Syrenne has close feelings for Lowell, especially toward the end of the game. Their continuous amusing (and sometimes cruel) banter with each other also expresses most of their feelings for each other as the story progresses. Syrenne's deep aggression for men (believing they are liars and cheaters and completely undependable) gives her frustration with Lowell, as his playboy attitude again "proves" to her that men are not to be trusted.

Later she is shown to be slightly more relaxed at times. In particular, she goes easy on Zael during a fighting competition and supposedly lets him win, then blushes and stammers when called out on it.


  • Power Chain: Temporarily makes it easier to form chains.
  • Guard Counter: When guarding sword strikes, performs a counter attack, and while guarding magic, deflects it back to the caster.
  • Full Guard: attracts enemies while enhancing the users defence.
  • Spirit Attack: Shadow Bind: A powerful jumping slash. Inflicts Paralysis, restricting the enemy's movement.

However, although she is skilled with her sword, she is incapable of magic.

She is skilled in melee. She is also one of the only two characters who is able to equip a secondary weapon, the other being Zael. However, while Zael's secondary weapon is a crossbow, hers is another sword, allowing her to attack with great strength and speed.

She has the highest Agility in the game, but as Agility enhancing items are common, Zael can easily have the highest Agility before the end of the game. She also has the highest HP, the 2nd highest Attack stat, and moderate Defense. But she has the lowest Magic and Magic Defense in the game.

The Last Story Music - Seiren's Theme(05:14)
Syrenne's theme song that was only played iduring the Arena scene.
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