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This guide is a just a simple list of where the Summon Circles are in the game. Most chapters of the game contain summon circles, some do not. In the last few areas of the game, there will be blue summon circles, which are very special ones that don't summon enemies, but summons Horace instead, if one wants to upgrade their equipment. Blue Summon Circles are usually paired and found with regular summon circles. From Chapter 36 and on, the player will then get to use Blue Summon Circles.

Note: The ones that have an asterisk (*) are SC's that I'm not sure of, since these came from the back of my head. But if you do know if it's right or wrong, please tell me or edit them yourself. Thank you.

Summon CirclesEdit

  1. In Chapter 1, the very first summon circle is right before your very first boss, Cocoon.
  2. In Chapter 6, the summon circle is located a little bit after Zael enters the drainage tunnel. It is on the left end of the fork before Zael reaches a ladder.
  3. In Chapter 11, the SC is loacted in the deck of the boat.
  4. Before Chapter 15, In the Captain's Quarters on the Hijacked Boat.
  5. In Chapter 15, the SC is located on a hidden cliff. When Zael enters the open area of water plants, the SC is located on the left side of the fork.
  6. In Chapter 16, the SC if found before the door to Marbas. There should be a couple Daze Bombs laying around.
  7. In Chapter 19, the SC is located in the right door after Zael fights with skeletons.
  8. In Chapter 22. the SC is located to the right passageway after Zael fights with two of the skeletal guardians. A rare sword, Lapis Lazuli is also found ina hidden treasure chest there.
  9. In Chapter 24, the SC is located in the room after you find treasure and defeat two Reptid Gladiators.
  10. In Chapter 25, ths SC is located on the left side of which Zael enters the dungeon from. *
  11. In Chapter 34, the SC is hidden in a door, if Zael keeps on heading straight after he exits the first part of the Turret Control Basement. Note: This SC is known to eb the only SC in the game that gives you the most gold.
  12. In Chapter 36 (the last place to get "raw materials"), the SC is located behind a hidden hole near another hole which leads to the second part of the sewer. So if you have entered further into the sewer, you know that you missed the two SC's.
  13. In Chapter 37, the SC is located on the top floor of the area after Zael fights Gold Coffins.
  14. In Chapter 38, the SC is located near the pillars leading to the door to Cocoon.
  15. In Chapter 40, the SC is found in the water-like hallway after the party fights Zesha for the second time.

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