Spirit Attacks (also referred to SPs) are powerful attacks that are much like Limit Breaks in the Final Fantasy series. Every character has one, but they get it after achieving a certain level. To use one, the character must have their SP bar full, and Zael must use Command Mode to direct his party members to use them. The SP bar fills as damage is dealt and taken, and increases a lot if an ally loses a life. Yurick and Calista have different SPs during certain points of the game as part of the story. All status boosters/effects are only for a short period of time.

Zael: His SP is Accelerate which increases his attack speed and movement speed.

Dagran: His SP is Death Sentence. He jumps into the air and slams onto the ground in the targeted area, inflicting Death on the area of impact and attacking the targeted enemy.

Calista: Her SP is Ancient Barrier. She casts an impenetrable purple barrier that protects and heals Zael from everything as well as repulsing all enemies away. During the boss of Chapter 37, Calista can use Ancient Summon to call the Lazulis Sentinel Mitra to aid her.

Syrenne: Her SP is Shadow Stitch. She jumps into the air and shoots Paralyze needles against all enemies in the targeted area and thens strike the target enemy with great force.

Yurick: His SP is Meteor. Prior to the final boss, Yurick can summon falling Meteors to the selected enemies, dealing major damage and also inflict Guard Break. During the final boss fight, Yurick achieves Big Bang which deals a LOT of damage to the boss and also breaks his barrier.

Mirania: Her SP is Revive. She jumps into the air and heals everybody for 99,999 HP and also heals back a lost life. This works on KO'd allies as well.

Lowell: His SP is Glacier. He casts a huge block of ice against the selected enemies and also inflicts Slip Fall.

To spread the SPs; Accelerate and Ancient Barrier, Zael must diffuse "himself", so his friends can also gain the effect.

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