Voice Actor: Atuko Tanaka (JP)
Maria Darling (EN)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
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Skills: Rite of Celestial Summoning
Weapon: N/A
Magic: Holy Magic
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The Sorceress is a rather powerful sorcerer who was in love with the founder of the house of Arganan and who along with him summoned the Outsider via the Rite of Celestial Summoning. Her role in the main story is minor.

She is also the creator of the song, "The Flying One" (Toberu Mono in the Japanese version), which is the one passed down through the Arganan house and the same that Calista sings when she goes to the Stargazing Tower.

Appearance Edit

The Sorceress appears in a grey dress and a large grey coat. She wears a circular belt and a wide necklace. Her hair is light brown. She appears as a middle-aged woman.

Story Edit

In Chapter 31, Zael and Calista meet the Sorceress in the Place of Secrets during an ancient memory. There, the Sorceress explained the true origins of the Outsider, and how she and the founder of the Arganan house combined their magics to keep the Outsider within Lazulis Island to end the ancient war, via the Rite of Celestial Summoning. The land began to decay, so the Sorceress split the Outsider in two, placing the other half on the Gurak continent. However, the land began to wither away again. She then explains the way to stop the land from dying and ending the war is to send both halves of the Outsider back into space.

She makes no further appearances, but she is mentioned in several deciphered books in the Lazulis Castle Library Globe.

Personality Edit

From the story, very little can be inferred about the Sorceress's personality. It is known that she loved the founder of the house of Arganan and preformed the rites nessacary to bring the Outsider from the heavens in order to make him happy. In the ancient memory Zael and Calista see, the Sorceress expresses guilt at having caused the start of the land's decay.

Top Emotional Osts Of All Times Toberu Mono

Top Emotional Osts Of All Times Toberu Mono

Toberu Mono, the song created by the Sorceress. Sung by the Japanese singer Kanon.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sorceress shares her English voice actress, Maria Darling with Ariela.