Seek Mode, (also referred to seeking) is a type of mechanic used in The Last Story. Seeking is used to examine things and zoom into objects. The crossbow and magic casting system also uses Seek Mode. While seeking, the player can press and hold B to zoom into objects

Seeking in the city, allows you to grab shiny objects found randomly on the floor. When you see the item by tilting the cursor to the designated area, Zael must move there rather quickly to obtain the item. If Zael manages to succeed 5 times in a row, he will get a rare item (a Gnome Silver if the items are dyes, and Light of the Outsider  if the items are Goods). You have to be quick though, because if you wait to long to seek the item will disappear and you'll have to wait for another round. Same goes for the last item, only it will not only disappear from seeking but will disappear even after being turned into a item. 

The items scattered across the city are somewhat common items used to upgrade your equipment or exchanging dyes. In the Windy Alley, Zael can also seek there when the wind blows gale. Zael must tilt his cursor to the designated "leaves" in the air to grab them. 5 in a row leads to a very rare item. These unique items are used to "upgrade" your arrow damage.

Seek Mode is also used to "stare" at NPCs in the city. Upon staring at somebody and the circle in the center is red, usually that NPC will do something. Depending on the NPC, after a certain amount of time staring at them, they will either give you an item, or say something odd. Staring at NPCs will occaisonally give you a quest item called Dragon Skin. These items are used to make Dragon Armor.

Seeking in a cutscene can also be done. Usually when Zael hears a mysterious sound in a dungeon, the player's perspective is switched to seek mode, so he/she must tilt it in a certain direction before something happens. For example: In Chapter 42, if Zael does not look up before a certain amount of time, the spider will launch an ambush attack onto the player, dealing minor damage.

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