Reptids' Cave
Reptids Cave
Location Beneath Lazulis City
Enemies Reptids

A web of underground tunnels dug out by the Reptids near Lazulis City.

Zael and the Mercenaries come here on a mission for Count Arganan with the objective to exterminate the Reptids inside the cave. They return here on multiple other occasions, even though the location name may not be the same. The area is visited in Chapter 24 in the Underground Tunnel. Other locations that visit this area are Sea Cave and Contaminated Cave. The group also return here a final time in Chapter 38, after which it is renamed "Reptids' Cave Revisited". They cannot replay Reptids' Cave after this.

These tunnels connect to different parts under Lazulis City, even under the castle and to the outskirts of the city.

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