Ogres are large, menacing enemies found in most dungeons. They usually side with the Reptids, but some types are shown to aid the Gurak. Ogres are very strong enemies, they use a type of club like hammer to harm their foes. Large and pinkish in color, these enemies are usually fought as mini-bosses. They also sport a large mask, covering its face. Zael and the party might even end up fighting many at once. Ogres usually drop good equipment or unique upgrading goods, such as, Ogre Nail. In New Game Plus, they appear to be in the 90's when fought

A different type of ogre, called Smelly Ogres, are fought in the Gurak base. They do not sport a large mask like its counterpart, but they do spit out a yellow fluid on your party members that inflict Sticky.Sometimes they have chains attached to their arms and legs

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