New Game Plus, (also referred to as NG+), is an upgraded version of Story Mode. After The Last Story is beaten once, the game offers you to start another new game over the save file you used. In NG+, the player can obtain new hard-to-find items called Particle of the Outsider. The particles are used to upgrade weapon and armor further to 99+. Furthermore, most Gnome Copper and Gnome Silver are replaced by Gnome Gold. Thus making it harder to upgrade several armors at once.

Some differences between Regular Game and New game plus are:


  1. Gnome Copper and Silver are found more easily, yet Gnome Gold is rare.
  2. Cannot upgrade equipment past a certain level.


  1. Upon starting, if you press the Gathering button, Dagran, is shown to use it.
  2. Upon starting the game, the game will not show the tutorial.
  3. Mini-bosses and bosses have a huge level upgrade.
  4. Weapons and armor that reached their maximum upgrade level can be upgraded further by using Particles of the Outsider.
  5. Gnome Copper and Gnome Silver cannot be dropped, being replaced with Gnome Gold. It is still possible to win them by completing the Arena.
  6. During the duels with General Asthar, Jirall and Therius, they will automatically guard when two of the same attack are used consecutively against them, unless they've been knocked down.

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