Knight's Attire is Zael's custom armor, which is the armor the Lazulis Knight use in The Last Story . It is obtainable in Chapter 22 after killing the boss of the Chapter, Shade .


Zael wearing the Knight's Attire

It is found in the cabinet in Zael's room in the Lazulis Castle.


The armor can be upgraded by a man to the north of Artisan's Way near the Arena after Chapter 22. After it is +6, the armor will require Ancient Alloy to be upgraded to +9, which can be obtained by killing the Berserk Kraken or stealing one from Beserk Kraken. These are the only two ways to obtain those in one playthrough. When you're first place in Deathmatch, there is the possibility to gain Ancient Alloy too. When upgraded, it gives 100% chance of being resistant to knockback.

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