In this page, here is a list of all the key items you should have, in other words, things used for sidequests and story

  1. Dragon Skin: the skin from a legendary beast that flew in the Far East skies
  2. Lens: a memento of Zael's father.
  3. Castle Pass: a pass used to identify yourself when you want to go in and out of Lazulis Castle
  4. Lift Key: a key used to open the lift in the Gurak Warship
  5. Rusty Keys: a pair of keys used to open the jail cells in Gurak Warship
  6. Antidote: a medicine every sailor is sure to carry as a countermeasure against the poisonous creatures of the sea
  7. Cabinet Key: a key used to open the hidden cabinet in the Captain's room of the Gurak warship
  8. Rusty Key: a key used to open the hidden room in the Haunted Mansion
  9. Meredith's Glasses: glasses that are usually worn by Meredith, Horace's wife.
  10. Ivory Fangs: ornaments used to open a hidden staircase in the Reptid Catacombs
  11. Stone of Life: exists only in the Tower of Trials and is used to bring those in stone into life
  12. Asthar's Medal: a medal given by General Asthar, holds a hint to unlocking the castle's secrets
  13. Courtyard Key: a key used to open the door leading to the Great Hall
  14. Sewer Key: a key used to open the door leading to where the civilians were hiding in Port Lazulis
  15. Horace's Ring: a ring used to find hidden things that can't be seen by the naked eye
  16. Treasure Key: a key used to open the doors that hold treasure
  17. Shrine Key: a key used to open the door leading to the sacred room that the Reptids' use to worship their Queen
  18. Toy Coin: made of stone fragments, children use this to play with
  19. Fine Liquor: high quality sweet distilled liqour that is a specialty product from northern Lazulis Island
  20. Ancient Grimoire: a thick book with something written in it
  21. Cooling Ointment(?): ointment that is made from a linear family's secret formula
  22. Ariela's Handmade Lunch: homemade lunch filled with vegetables and meat
  23. Sweat Cloth: freshly washed towel used for super water absorbance
  24. The Art of Magic: a book of magic intended for beginners; difficult to understand for amateurs
  25. The Rules of Nobility: a book rumored to be popular among nobles
  26. Precious Jewel: a jewel taken from the valley of spirits on the continent.
  27. Zoran's Voyage Log: a logbook crowded with songs written from the author's heart
  28. Fashion Magazine: an easy to read magazine that collected information on the Empire's fashionable clothes and accessories
  29. Love Letter: a letter written from a Lazulis Knight
  30. Gurak Doll: a doll that is most precious and is made to look like a Gurak
  31. Gurak Comb: a precious comb made from materials from the Gurak continent; it is said that it releases soothing particles
  32. Gurak Iron Pot: a sturdy and heavy iron pot capable to withstand great heat
  33. Storehouse Key: a key used to open the Dye Storehouse
  34. Angel Thread: an angelic thread that lives up to everyone's expectations
  35. Incredible Invisibility Dye : dye that lets passerbys look at you in awe; turns top body invisible
  36. Outrageous Invisibility Dye: dye that lets passerbys look at you in awe; turns bottom body invisible
  37. Summon Stone: a mysterious stone used by the Gurak that allows quick travel

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