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Our great land is covered by forest, symbols of life itself. Yet there are few who truly understand the natures of those complex living beings.

The roots of a forest’s trees reach deep below the ground, intertwining with one another to form a vast information network. So deeply connected are their lives, that it would be no exaggeration to call them one giant organism.

Over millennia, the forests developed a consciousness of their own. This manifested as beings known as Guardians. It is said that in times of crisis, the Guardians will send forth their emissaries to guide humanity and aid them to avert the danger, perhaps in human form, or in the guise of an animal.

As a result of the blight that has plagued our land in recent years, many once-proud forests have begun to waste away, causing much concern among the people of the land.

Where once the Guardians were frequently sighted in all parts of the land, in recent years these sightings have steadily declined. There are even some who claim that these beings have died out completely.

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