Golems are robotic enemies found in Chapter 40. These enemies can attack afar by using its spear-like weapon, which it throws, or attack closely by slashing at its opponent. Like a robot, after you defeat one, you can re-boot it to command it to attack the other enemies. Before rebooting it, Golems act like mini-bosses. They are quite useful in the fight against Berith, which is when one can first be rebooted without being defeated.

There is also a smaller counterpart to the Golem; they are called Tiny Golems. Yurick fights them earlier in Chapter 40, on the lift. They can also attack afar and closely, but they are much, much weaker than the original. Unlike the Golem, it cannot be rebooted. Zael and the other mercenaries also encounter them on the way out of The Last World.

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