Can be obtained by defeating the Dark Muruk in Chapter 35, defeating the Monstrous Spider in Chapter 36 and bought from the Artisan's Way armory (from the Epilogue and onwards.)

Name Atk. Magic Atk. Attributes Materials for upgrading
General Sword 650 45 N/A 7300G
General Sword +1 670 45 N/A 7600G
General Sword +2 690 50 N/A 8000G
General Sword +3 710 55 N/A


Gnome Ore

General Sword +4 730 60 N/A


Gnome Ore

General Sword +5 750 65 N/A


Gnome Ore

General Sword +6 770 70 N/A


Gnome Ore

General Sword +7 790 75 N/A


Gnome Ore

General Sword +8 860 80 N/A


Gnome Ore

General Sword +9 880 85 N/A Outsider's Particle
General Sword +10/+99 1062/6625 102/639 N/A Outsider's Particle

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