Gathering the enemies' attention.

Gathering is Zael's trademark move, and the main ability of the game. Zael's Gathering skill draws the attention of enemies to the user,casting Gravity status slowing down all enemies in the battlefield, and allowing the user to slightly heal himself when attacking his enemies. It also affects the allies of the user by speeding up their magic casting speed. It can also be used to revive fallen party members.


Gathering is a power granted to those who bear the Outsider's mark. The Outsider's power reflects the feelings and intentions of those who wield it, and for Zael it manifests as Gathering. This power allows him to force all enemies in a battlefield to lose all self-control and concentrate their hatred on him, thus sacrificing himself for the safety of his friends. The power also allows Zael to revive allies who have fallen during combat by running over them. These two abilities reflect Zael's selfless and honorable character.

Other UsesEdit

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Gathering Burst

Besides improving his allies' magic abilities and the ability to slowly heal one's self, Zael also gains Gathering Burst, a skill which allows Zael to build up energy by enduring damage while Gathering is active to then unleash it; launching the energy-made blades that materialize around the Mark of the Outsider attached to chains of energy in every direction, dealing damage and inflicting gravity status that slows down enemies and sometimes even stops them all together after ractivating Gathering. Like Zael, Zangurak can also use a version of Gathering Burst, which resonates with his heart, making his Burst more offensive rather than defensive. His version inflicts Break status rather then Gravity status, lowering the enemies' defenses to deal more damage on his opponents.

Zael can also use his Gathering while hiding to distract enemies and deal higher damage with his Slash.

Zael can also use Gathering to revive incapacitated party members by using Cure.

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