Gale is a heavily underestimated skill in The Last Story. Gale is a wind-based skill; when used, Zael can be seen to move very quick and create a rather strong whirlwind. It can be used by only Zael in Story Mode. In Deathmatch, Undead Warrior can also use Gale as its secondary skill. Gale is a special skill that is both magical and physical. It can diffuse Magic Circles to create a small bonus/effect to the party members or to the enemies.

Although Zael is not a magic user, Gale counts as a magical attack because it uses his magic attack as his power source. Like other magic spells, its power can be affected by grabbing a Magic Essence, equipping a dagger, or simply equipping a sword that has fairly high magical power.

During the battle with Zepha and Zesha, if the player stays in battle for more than a little longer after Zepha reaches 3/4 of his health, Zepha might bring up a white barrier, signaling Zael to use Gale.

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