This quest is available starting in Chapter 4.

Talk to the boy on the wooden decking west of the Arganan Bridge. He says that if you catch 3 frogs, he'll teach you a secret. Go to the fortune teller, and she'll tell you the location of one. You need to enter in and out of a building as you can only talk to her once. The frogs spawn in each area once. To catch a frog, you must slowly and steadily approach one from behind and press A. When you catch it, it gives you a 5 movement speed boost. There are 6 in all, but only 3 are required.

Location of frogs:

  • Riverside wood deck
  • Well behind Ariela's Tavern
  • Fountain at Castle Gate Plaza
  • Fountain Plaza
  • Well near the Eastern Gate
  • Well in the area north of Central Plaza, behind the Dye Shop.

Reward: Ability to dive in the water and 30+ movement speed (optional).

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