The Last StoryEdit

Calista joins Zael at the Great Hall of Lazulis Castle , which is undergoing repairs for a third time. They exit the castle and a cutscene shows Gurak and Humans living aloside each other and working together to repair the city.

Zael and Calista are able to explore the city and do as they please. They can do most of these events in any order, except the one with Lowell, because it leads to the end of the game.

Mirania can be found in the Central Plaza . She informs Zael about Therius, who is in the castle and wishes to see Zael.

Arena level 3 is now available.

Zael may visit certain places in Lazulis Castle to trigger various scenes:

  • Yurick at the Library
  • The Count's Chamber
  • The Ballroom Balcony
  • Jirall's room
  • The Dungeon
  • Underground Tomb

In the Underground Tomb, Zael is able to finally take Therius up on the dueling challenge. Therius wants to test Zael to make sure that when he leaves, Lazulis Island will be guarded by capable hands. He questions Zael's strength, but Zael responds by saying that he will always remain in Lazulis Island to protect the poeple, whereas Therius plans to leave. He urges Therius to go the Empire and teach men how to become true knights. After Zael defeats him, Therius agrees to do just that and promises to challenge Zael again when he has trained and become stronger in the Empire.

Speaking to Ariela will let Zael know Lowell's location at the Castle Gate Plaza. Zael meets Lowell (whom he briefly imagines to be Dagran) and he's told their project is finally complete. They talk about all the events that have happened, what they're going to do from now on, and they pledge to be happy and live on so that all deaths were not in vain, including Dagran's. Lowell then shows Zael his project, which turns out to be a gravestone and funeral for Dagran. The entire party gathers and remembers their friend.

Zael's ceremony then begins at Central Gate Plaza. Calista uses the sword Dagran and Zael obtained during their childhood to grant him Knighthood.

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