Description -The fang of a legendary beast, now long extinct. Used as a materiral for upgrading weapons & equipment (Gotten mainly form side quests & golden chests form replayable dungeons)

Side QuestsEdit

  • Man in the Solitary Island - 9 Dragon Fangs as final reward for each challenge
  • Castle Pass Quest- After catching the kid, there will be a Dragon Fang on the bottom floor of Ariela's Tavern.
  • Chapter 20- After rescuing the young mage girl, go and speak to her father in Ariela's Tavern. He will give 3 Dragon Fangs as a thank-you gift.
  • Mina- If you talk to her, eventually she will take you to see her cat. Give the cat an almond or two, and talk to Mina by Chapter 23. She will give you a Dragon Fang.

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