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"It's no dream. Follow me, and I'll swear I'll make knights out of all of you."


Voice Actor: Unshō Ishizuka (JP)
Nico Lennon (EN)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation(s): Dagran's Mercenaries
Family: None
Skills: Death Sentence
Weapon: Traive

Emperor Sword

Magic: none
Armor: Heavy Armor

The leader of the mercenaries, Dagran is an exceptionally driven and capable individual, be it on the battlefield or while negotiating with potential employees. His actions and drive have earned him the full trust and respect of his team. Dagran met and recruited Zael at a young age and, through time, has become like an older brother to Zael. - Instruction Manual

Dagran (Quark in the Japanese version) is Zael's best friend in the game. He is a young man just like Zael. Dagran has fought along with Zael throughout the continent, wanting to pursue the dream of a better life by becoming a knight. In the past, Dagran has promised Zael to make sure they both become knights. He is initially the tritagonist, but later becomes the secondary antagonist and the mandatory penultimate boss after it is revealed that he's been working with Zangurak to recreate the world for personal revenge.


Young Dagran met young Zael
Dagran is a young mercenary and the leader of the band of mercenaries he and Zael started. He met Zael on the streets of a city after Zael's village was burned down. Dagran suggested they should travel together, as his village burned down as well, and he felt this commonality could motivate them to work hard. Dagran's village was burnt down by a group of Lazulis Knights working for the continent, but one knight went overboard and killed everybody there, including Dagran's family, leaving him alone in the world. Throughout the events of the game, he eventually finds out that the one to take the blame was a man named Asthar. Because of this, he set out on his adventure, starting a band of mercenaries and wishing to take revenge for his family one day. That's when he meets Zael and they start their journey to become knights, but he kept secret his real intentions.


During the course of the story, Dagran acts as more than just the leader of the mercenaries. He also cares about them and treats them as a family. During the events of the game, he gives the leadership of the group to Zael. Although being very close, he starts distancing himself from the mercenaries, disappearing in some occasions without explaining. He's a smooth talker and was able to convince the Count of Zael's innocence while on trial, and gain his favor. Fueled by his deep-rooted lust for revenge, he kills General Asthar during one of the Gurak attacks to Lazulis Castle and frames Jirall for the murder (he later confesses to Zael). However, killing the General was not enough. His hatred and lust for power and revenge completely consumes him, transforming him into a dark shadow of his former self.

When Zael fights Therius at the end of the game the second time, Therius tells him that General Asthar took the responsibility for the knight that went overboard and killed countless innocent people in Dagran's village, because as their leader he felt the blame should rest solely on him.



  • Power Strike: Temporary increases attack power.
  • Guard Counter: When guarding sword strikes, performs a counter attack, and while guarding magic, deflects it back to the caster.
  • Full Guard: attracts the attention of enemies while increasing the users defense.
  • Full Counter: enhanced Full Guard that attracts enemies and counters all of their attacks automatically.
  • Spirit Attack: Death Sentence: A powerful jumping slash. Inflicts Death upon enemies in the area of impact, causing them to perish after a certain length of time.

He is one of the three main characters who cannot use magic.

Dagran is tied with Syrenne for the second highest Attack stat and has the highest HP in the game. (Excluding Zael) However, he's tied for lowest Magic Attack with Syrenne and has the lowest Magic Defense and Agility, making him one of the weakest characters overall.

During the boss fight against Dagran, he is able to use Zangurak's version of Gathering Burst lowering your defense on impact and is also able to use Emperor Stab.

When you start New Game Plus, Dagran will start the game equipped with Emperor, Hunter Armor/Greaves+9 and will be able to use Gathering as well as Slash and Vertical Slice.


(Zael) " Hey,kid. You on your own? Same as me then. Well,come on."

(Calista) " It's like looking after a bunch of misbehaving kids..."

(Yurick) "Hey!!"

(Lowell) "She ate 214 of them!"

The Last Story - Bonds(03:56)
A theme that represents Zael's and Dagran's friendship
DagranAdded by Dagran
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