Contaminated CaveEdit

Chapter 43
Just when it seemed that peace had befallen the city, the Reptids schemed an uprising against the Humans and Gurak, who were weakened by the war.

When Zael talks to Horace outside his shop, a Lazulis knight comes to him with news of the Reptids coming out to attack again, emerging from places far deeper than before. Before leaving, Horace gives Zael his ring. This ring allows him to find hidden entrances and passage ways in the cave. Zael and his friends depart to investigate.

Once inside the cave, they encounter a group of Reptids, who mindlessly attack anyone on sight, even each other. The party wonders what's wrong with them and decide to investigate. As they explore the cave, the party fights more Reptids and finds previously-unexplored rooms. One of them is surrounded by water; the party spots a door high up in the room. To reach it, Zael activates a switch that floods the room and allows them to float up to the door and exit.

They then enter the Reptid Catacombs and are ambushed by many Reptids, Lowell estimates about 100. The party decides to make a game competition out of it to see who can defeat the most Reptids, which Zael wins. After they defeat the enemies, the party enters a room that is filled with pink/purple contaminated water. They assume the poisoned water is the cause of the Reptid's strange behavior.

The party goes downstairs into a room with hordes of gold locked in cells and a locked door at the front. Zael uses Horace's Ring to search for a key and finds one for the treasure rooms. When he searches the treasure he finds goods, gold, and a key to the shrine up ahead.

In the shrine, the party meets the source of the contaminated water, the Berserk Kraken. Much like the original Kraken in Chapter 25 , the idea is to cut the tentacle and then attack the head. However, this time, the Kraken's tentacles are able to cause the sticky/slow effect status. Once the party defeats the Berserk Kraken, the water goes back to normal and the entrance to the cave is closed off to protect the citizens of Lazulis Island.

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