Stargazer's Tower: DayEdit

Chapter 41
At the end of the war conflict, both continents remain connected. This means that Humans and Gurak must learn to live peacefully once more.

Zael talks to his friends at Stargazer's Tower. Yurick says that coexistance between the races will be very difficult, but Mirania believes that with time, things will improve. Syrenne and Lowell talk about starting a business. Syrenne suggests they open a bar, but Lowell claims she would gobble up all the booze before any customers got a chance to buy any.

Zael then talks to Calista , and together they send both halves of the Outsider into the skies, after which they fuse and head for space, where the Outsider belongs. With the Outsider gone, the Humans and the Gurak begin to repair the destruction caused by the war conflict.

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