Reptid's Cave RevisitedEdit

Zael and his friends return to the Reptid's Cave following the Forest Beast and trying to gain entrance into
Chapter 39

The Forest Beast guides Zael and his friends

Lazulis Island. Along the way they encounter some Gurak, but the enemies retreat and destroy the main path leading to Lazulis City. The party looks for another way.

Meanwhile, Zangurak (along with Zepha and Zesha) stand in the room in which Zael first was marked with the Outsider's power. He breaks the seal of the portal in the room using Calista Arganan bloodline. They go in.

When Zael reaches the room, he notices the portal that was not there before. But before they can go through, they must fight the Last Cocoon, a monster that uses telekinesis to throw approaching enemies while absorbing their life force to supplement its own power.

They party tries to break the enemy's defenses, but to no avail. The cocoon then uses its power to manipulate Zael's memory. He imagines himself to be in his childhood village, which was raided by Bandits who killed his parents. Because he is stronger and older in this memory, he sees this unexpected revisit as a chance to exact revenge on his parents' murderers. However, it is all an illusion. Zael is made to believe that his friends are bandits, and therefore goes on to kill them. It is not until he kills his own mother in the memory that he wakes from it. He sees his friends lying on the floor, unconscious, save for Yurick, whose memories are also being manipulated by the cocoon. Zael has to defeat Yurick as well, after which every one wakes up and they realize that all of that was an illusion created by the cocoon. Finally, the cocoon hatches and the monster emerges.

After the Last Cocoon is defeated, the party enters the portal into The Last World to find Calista

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