Raging OceanEdit

Chapter 38
Zael desperately searches for Calista in the dark, tempestuous sea. He looks for several minutes but cannot find her. Eventually, he spots a Gurak ship and heads toward it. He wakes up on the deck of the ship and finds Jirall onboard. Zael spots Calista in another ship being taken away, but Jirall won't let him go without a fight.

Jirall has been possessed by the power of the magical sword, Emperor, Zangurak gave him. Greed and the urge to destroy have driven him insane. After Zael defeats Jirall, his party comes on a ship and rescue him. He tells them that Zangurak has Calista and wants the Lazulis Island's half of the Outsider. They agree to go stop his plans.

On their way to Lazulis Island, they spot the Forest Beast they first encountered in Chapter 2 and follow it.

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