Fortress IslandEdit

Chapter 37

Entering Fortress Island

Once inside Fortress Island, the party explores the area searching for Zangurak.

They encounter a guard that casts a magic barrier that protects him from physical attacks, so the party instead uses magic to crack a hole in the barrier, through which Zael may attack using his crossbow.

As the party advances, they face many Gurak soldiers and Ogres . After crossing a bridge, they decide to destroy it to stop more enemies from attacking. However, the elevator then arrives with more Gurak enemies. After defeating the enemies, the party takes the elevator up to fight more Gurak sorcerers. Part of the ceiling then collapses and splits the team up. Zael and Calista go up to level 9 of the base and fight a team of Gold Coffins, after which they rescue Syrenne from a jammed elevator. Lowell can be found through the door on the left, momentarily unconscious on the floor. They both rejoin the party.

They then enter a hall with more Gurak enemies. During the battle the rest of the team joins and they all go up to level 24 of the base where they fight the twins, Zepha and Zesha, Zangurak’s right and left hand men. Once the twins have been severely weakened, they retreat and reveal that Zangurak is not in Fortress Island and is instead planning to acquire the Outsider from Lazulis Island.

Zael decides to remain in Fortress Island and look for the Gurak half of the Outsider. The party then comes across a portal that leads to the resting place of the Outsider. They notice the Outsider has been ravaged, as it has many swords stabbing it. This arouses the Outsider’s anger (much like the Outsider in Lazulis Island) and summons forth the Sentinel Beast Atar.

The party must silence Atar in order to disable it and bring it to the ground for attack. After a while, Calista attempts to use Ancient Magic to summon the Sentinel Beast Mitra to aid them in the fight. With Mitra’s help, the party is able to defeat Atar.

Meanwhile, Jirall is shown in his cell seething with anger and promising to get revenge on Zael for putting him in jail. A large tremor breaks the lock of his cell and he is free. In the Courtyard, Jirall meets Zangurak. After seeing how much Jirall hates Zael, Zangurak decides to work with him and assist his revenge by giving Jirall a powerful sword.

Back at Fortress Island, the Outsider begins to die out after Atar falls, and as a result the island begins to crumble. As the party is trying to escape, a bridge collapses under Zael and Calista, and they fall to the ocean. Zael begins to search for Calista in the tumultuous waves of the sea.

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