Chapter 36
Zael and his party retreat to the sewers to protect the citizens of Lazulis Island hiding from the Gurak invasion. There, Zael is able to talk to his friends, shop for goods, and upgrade his and his team's equipment. However, strange sounds deep within the sewers worry the party, so they go investigate to ward off potential Gurak attacks, leaving the citizens in the knight's care. Before leaving, Horace gives him a Summon Stone, a mysterious stone created by the Gurak that has the power to transport people from one place to another through blue summon circles, alowing them to resupply within enemy lines..

As he navigates the city sewers, Zael and his team fight off enemies, eventually facing Nebirous. After defeating Nebirous, a new path is opened and the team advances until finally facing off with Monstrous Spider. During battle, the Gurak figure out that citizens are hiding out in the sewers, so they pierce the wall's defense to send Gurak soldiers through a tunnel that connects to Fortress Island. Zael and his team must ward off all Gurak as well as the spider. Once the enemy is routed, the party takes advantage of the connecting tunnel to Fortress Island and infiltrate the enemy base. Syrenne starts considering Lowell's offer of marrying him.

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