Port LazulisEdit

Chapter 35
With the Gurak invading the City, the citizens go underground to hide. Therius gathers the remaining forces to protect the people; knowing this, Zael departs to the Port along with Syrenne, Yurick and Mirania to aid Therius. On their way they encounter various waves of Gurak. They also encounter a group of knights running from the battle, but one realises that he, too, is a knight and that it is his duty to protect Lazulis. He joins Zael and helps fight a wave of incoming Wyrms.

They manage to take out some of the Wyrms, but the knight dies in one of the attacks. He pleads for Zael to protect Lazulis Island. After the last Wyrm falls dead into the ocean, a Dark Muruk appears. They defeat the Muruk and find Therius surrounded, as all knights who were with him ran away and left him alone. However, the way to Therius is destroyed, so they look for another way. Yurick finds and plans to break a rusted door, but more Gurak appear. After a quick victory, Zael goes through the door and helps Therius. They fight more waves of Gurak, and after a difficult battle Therius is almost without energy. Zael tries to help him, but Therius sees an incoming Gurak attack and shoves Zael out of the way to save him, and as a result is stabbed on his leg. Therius says that he'll be fine, and gives Zael a key for the entrance to the sewers where the citizens are hiding and asks him to protect the people.

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