Turret BasementEdit

Chapter 34
Zael and company make their way through a legion of Reptids enhanced by the Outsider's energy. After a tough fight they arrive to the bottom of the basement, where they find a narrow hallway with more Reptids waiting. Syrenne and Mirania stay to fight to let the others advance.

As they drop to another floor they find Zoran, who explains that he's no longer a thief. He escaped when the Gurak attacked the Dungeon and decided to turn his life around and become a merchant. As they proceed they encounter Berith. However, Lowell, Yurick, Mirania, and Syrenne soon arrive to help. After the battle they proceed to a room with a gate that takes them to the Outsider's domain. On it the Count "calls" the Outsider using Zael's mark, and when the Outsider emerges the Count attacks it to provoke its rage and unleash its power, which actually works, only not in the way he thought.

Sensing the Outsider is in danger, the Sentinel Beast Mitra emerges to protect it. The party manages to defeat Mitra, and the Outsider reappears. The Count demands that the Outsider submit itself to his Arganan blood and summons all its power. His commands work, for the Lazulis Cannon begins to fire and annihilate all enemies in its path. The Count, driven insane by his lust for power, madly claims that the Outsider and Lazulis Island belong to him. In his last moments of life, he reaches to withdraw his sword from the Outsider, but its power completely destroys him, for it is too great to control directly.

The Outsider draws vast amounts of energy from Lazulis Island. With every shot it fires from the cannon, the land around it is cast deeper and deeper into ruin. The last dregs of its energy were hurled at the enemy as beams of destruction, yet even this suicidal assault was not enough to defeat the Gurak, who fought passionately to defend their fortress. At the end, Lazulis Island falls silent, its energy completely drained. The Gurak see an opportunity to attack and pierce the castle's defenses, claiming victory for themselves. Gurak soldiers invade the city and bring further destruction and misery to its inhabitants. But as long as there was anyone left to save, Therius would fight on.

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