Lazulis Castle: Great HallEdit

Chapter 33
The mercenaries figure out that the Gurak are attacking and the head for the City, but the Count arrives and manages to convince them to escort him to the Turret Control room so he can use the Canon to destroy the Gurak Fortress. On the Courtyard they are attacked by the Gurak and their Ogres; Therius joins the fight and helps them reach the Military HQ.

Meanwhile Zepha and Zesha release the Gurak held captive in the Dungeon, as well as other prisoners, among them Reptids who have infiltrated the Military HQ. After defeating the Reptids they take the lift to the Control room, where they find Zael and Calista. Surprised to see them with the Count, they ask Lowell for explanaitions, but he says there's no time to talk and the Count's plan to destroy the Gurak with the Canon is the best idea they have at the moment. Yurick then alerts them that the Gurak have reached the Control room, but they quickly finish off them off.

Soon after, the Gurak fire their canon and the Count realizes they have stolen technology from the Castle during their previous attacks. The canon fire opens a crack on a wall that leads to a secret passage where the Outsider itself lies. When they're about to enter, more Gurak appear, so Lowell and Yurick stay behind to fight as the others advance.

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