Lazulis Castle: Count's ChamberEdit

Chapter 32
Zael's glorious day has finally arrived. He'll both become a knight and marry Calista in the same day. Although the day is a cause for celebration, Zael doesn't feel at ease. He visits the City one last time and returns to the Castle. As soon as he arrives he's informed that the ceremony is about to begin and he must go to the Count's Chamber.

Therius gives Zael a sword and explains what he has to do to become a knight, but at the last moment Zael changes his mind and refuses to swear fealty to the Count. He then reveals that the Count's intentions aren't what he says and the Count realizes that he went to the Place of Secrets. At the end Zael refuses the knighthood and leaves the room. The Count orders the knights to bring him back, but Therius stands in their way to defend Zael.

Zael runs to Calista's room, but on the way he encounters Dagran, who knew that Zael would refuse his knighthood. Dagran threatens him if he doesn't go back and swear fealty to the Count, but Zael ignores him and proceeds to Calista's room. In the hallway, the mercenaries still think that he wants to become a knight, but then he enters Calista's room and tells her that he figured things out--to put an end to the war and live their lives together in freedom. The Count enters and grabs Calista, telling her that the wedding is off. Calista slaps him in the face and runs to Zael's arms. The Count orders the knights to stop them but the mercenaries stop the knights for them to escape.

As they run toward the Cannon Control Room, Zael explains to Calista that he plans to destroy the Lazulis Cannon and free the Outsider to put an end to the war. When they arrive, Zael is about to break the controls, but the entire Island begins to shake. The Gurak then begin their second assault on Lazulis Castle, for they have finally learned to harness the power of their half of the Outsider to create their own Fortress Island.

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