Place of SecretsEdit

Chapter 31
Zael , Therius, and Calista proceed into a new place that looks like the Realm of Ascendancy, known as the Place of Secrets. The place is located deep below the island, and to reach it they must first descend a long set of stairs. As they descend, they're attacked by various waves of some type of sentinel. When they reach the lowest floor, another round of sentinels appears, and they fight until the door opens. Therius stays to keep the sentinels at bay while Zael and Calista proceed.

After entering through the portal, they arrive at a large, dark place that resonates with both Calista's and Zael's blood. The Sorceress appears before them and explains the story of the ancient war, Arganan and the sorceress, and their cooperation to summon the Outsider to stop the conflict. She then explains to them that to save the land they must send both halves of the Outsider back to the stars.

After their talk they explain everything to Therius, who apologies for his earlier treatment to mercenaries and tells Zael that he'll like to fight with him anytime.

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