Lazulis Castle: Great HallEdit

Chapter 30
Everyone in Lazulis Castle is rejoicing with the victory against the Gurak. The Great Hall is crowded with treasures raided during the campaign. Zael enters the room and stands beside the Count, who officially anounces that he'll knight him and will allow him to marry Calista.

Back in the city, Zael doesn't seems very happy, so Dagran talks to him. Later he visits the tavern, where everyone is happy to see him. However, they notice his solemn, brooding expression and ask why he feels sad. He talks to Mirania, who explains that the medal will reveal secrets about the Outsider's origins.

Zael returns to the Castle, and in the balcony of the Ballroom he thinks about what he really wants. Suddenly he hears a voice singing and starts to follow it. He soon realizes that he's the only one who can hear it. He follows the voice into the Castle Depths and back to the room where he was granted the Mark of the Outsider. He finds Calista there, which means she can also hear the voice. Zael sees light comming from a crack on the wall, kicks it, and reveals another stone like the one he saw on the Realm of Ascendancy. The mark of the Outsider, the medal, and Calista's blood react to the stone and a door opens. Therius appears and decides to accompany them because he wants to discover the truth behind the General's death.

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