Gurak CastleEdit

Chapter 29
The night falls and the attack begins. The Lazulis Cannon is fired without mercy against the Gurak; Zael and the others are forced into the attack. When the knights invade Gurak Castle, what they see are not enemy soldiers, but women and children, panicking as they try to flee. The knights abuse, kill, and steal the civilians' treasure.

Zael doesn't feel these brutal acts of violence are right and is joined by Syrenne. They begin seeking answers as to why the knights are behaving so dishonorably and why the Gurak soldiers are not defending the castle. When they reach the castle's throne room, Zangurak is nowhere to be seen. Therius joins them and Zael remembers Calista's words of caution about the deceit and treachery of the knighthood and kingdom politics. Zael cannot help but compare the brutality of the Lazulis knights to the Bandits that burned his village.

They find a kid behind a door and chase him until they reach a group of Gurak. They explain their situation and Zael realizes they are suffering from the decay of the land as much as the Humans. Since the land of both the Gurak and Human continents are dying, each race looks for a new land to acquire to live happily and abundantly. However, they don't realize that both races are fighting for the same purpose. As Zael returns he finds the knights being attacked by Ogres and begging for their lives. Zael and the others save them and they return to the Island.

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