Lazulis Castle: CourtyardEdit

Chapter 28
and Dagran return to the Castle. They evade the patrols on the Courtyard and proceed to the Great Hall. To get to Jirall's room they must get past the Count's Chamber, which is full of guards. Dagran distracts them and sends them to another area.

They arrive at Jirall's room, where they find a sword with blood and a letter from the Gurak for Jirall. In that instant the Count enters and finds them. They show him what they found and Jirall is sent to the Dungeon. The Count congratulates Zael for clearing his name.

The next day, Therius visits Zael in his room. They think that Jirall wasn't the murderer, but they must remain silent to avoid suspicions. Zael finds Dagran on the Great Hall and tells him what he and Therius think. Dagran reveals that he set up Jirall and tells Zael not to think; he'll do all the thinking and Zael must relax. He then sends him to Ariela's Tavern for some free time.

When Zael returns to the Castle he's summoned by Count Arganan to the Lookout Point, who shows him the Gurak Continent as well as their Base. The Count informs him that they'll start the attack at night.

Note: During the free time in the tavern you can do Side Quests or compete in the new unlocked season 2 of the Arena.

The period before Chapter 28 before Zael and Dagran infiltrate the castle is the only time when you'll have the entire team available to do the arena or replay maps.

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