Lazulis Castle: DungeonEdit

Chapter 27
Zael is thrown into the Dungeon one more time. He is still thinking about finding who murdered General Asthar. Dagran visits him and says that he'll help him prove his innocence. Later, the green robed figure who helped Zael before appears again and opens the door of the cell. Before leaving the Dungeon, Zael asks who it is. The person takes robe off the robe, revealing that it is actually Calista.

They encounter several knights on patrol in the Courtyard. Luckily, Calista brought some sleep arrows and knocks out the guards with them. They proceed to the Library, were they find Mirania, who hides them from a pair of knights who heard them. Then Zael shows the medal the General gave him to her and they start planning. They are forced to leave the Castle because it's too dangerous with all those patrols.

They manage to get to Ariela's Tavern, where they are followed by two knights but Syrenne scares them away. They plan to sneak back to the Castle and get solid proof that Jirall killed General Asthar.

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