Lazulis CastleEdit

Chapter 26
Sir Therius visits Zael in his room to let him know that they've both been summoned by General Asthar to receive new orders. When they're on their way, suddenly the ground shakes and soon they realise that it's a Gurak attack. They encounter Dagran and Count Arganan on the Connecting Bridge. The Count orders them to follow him and protect the Cannon.

On their way to the Cannon they get attacked by more Gurak, even by a new type which takes the form of a coffin, but they get reinforcements from the knights, mages and healers. A knight informs Therius that the General went to the Cannon. Between the hordes of enemies Dagran gets to the elevator and steps ahead. Later, Zael enters the elevator, but the ceiling crumbles and Therius and the Count are unable to pass.

When Zael enters the Cannon room he finds the General stabbed in the back, and with his last breath tells Zael that the medal he gave him is the key to the Castle secrets. He then says that he must ally with Therius to succeed and that he must take care of some dangerous man. In that instant Jirall enters the room with some knights and accuses Zael of killing the General. Zael menaces him but is stopped by the knights and taken to the Dungeon one more time.

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