Sea CaveEdit

Chapter 25
This is an optional Chapter, which isn't necessary to complete the main story or the game.

Zael finds a knight in the Great Hall who's mumbling about a problem. When Zael asks him about it he says that it shouldn't be discussed in public, so he tells Zael to talk to the other knights in the Castle Depths.

When Zael talks to one of the knights in the Castle Depths, the knight informs him that monsters were infiltrating the City, causing the Count to dispatch a party to investigate. However, they haven't come back yet. He then asks Zael if he could look for them, to which Zael agrees.

Along with Dagran, Mirania, Lowell and Syrenne, he departs toward a valley in the north of the Island by the Island's system of caves. To their surprise they return to the place where Zael received the Outsider's Mark. They find a door on one side of the room which opens a passage that takes them to the Sea Cave. The party reaches a broken part of the bridge and then sees that there are Reptid holes. When Zael tries to approach the Reptids, big boulders slide. Mirania explains that it's because the land is dying. They continue but the battle against the Reptids is difficult because of the narrow space in which they have to fight.

Zael finds a pair of knights and a whole bunch of Reptids. Although he is outnumbered, he takes advantage of his surroundings and manages to save the knights, who inform him that there are others further in the cave. Lowell arrives just in time to accompany Zael. They find more Reptids, and with them Mirania. They find another secret door which takes them to Syrenne and Dagran.

They count the kights they've saved in total and work out that one knight is still missing so they continue onwards. They find the last knight running from the Kraken. The knight is captured and the battle starts. At the same moment the ceiling starts collapsing. After winning the battle, Zael is mourning for not saving everyone. Suddenly, the last knight emerges from under the water. Mirania informs the others that he'll live, so Zael finally smiles and proposes that they return to the Castle.

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