Reptid CatacombsEdit

Chapter 24
Note: This is an optional chapter. It's not necessary to complete the game. It becomes available after rescuing Horace's wife in Chapter 20.

After rescuing Meredith, Zael visits Horace at his shop. After a brief talk Horace asks Zael to look for a book he dropped down a well in the east part of the City while investigating some rumors of underground tunnels dug by the Reptids under the City.

Zael finds the small well in the east part of the City and descends through it with the other mercenaries. They find an underground web of tunnels. While exploring they arrive in the Reptid Catacombs, where they figure out where the Reptids infecting the City come from, and who crafted these tunnels under the city. They find a Reptid, and while following him they fall to a trap and are attacked by a big group of Reptids.

During the fight some reinforcements appear, along with a Reptid Gladiator. They dispatch them and follow the path they came from. They find more enemies, but these are acting strangely. These Reptids appeared to be waiting for something. While fighting they discover that the Reptids had planted mines in the floor to trap them.

Following their exploration they arrive at a bigger room with an amphitheater with a strange statue in it and three paths. At the end of each path there is a well organized group of Reptids and a Scout waiting for them. With Zael's luring tactic, they defeat each group easily. At the end of each path they find an Ivory Fang. They put the collected fangs in the statue in the amphitheater. It spins and reveals a set of stairs.

Under the stairs they find various cells with all kinds of Gurak treasures on them. They find a pair of Gladiators, which are taken out easily by Zael. They proceed until the enter a huge room. In the room they find a group of Reptids dancing around a bonfire, who summon the Queen of the Abyss. After a tough fight they recover the Ancient Grimore.

They open a door that takes them to another set of stairs. They start complaining but Dagran tells them to stop complaining and start climbing, taking the lead and counting as he goes. After 3595 steps (only Yurick is still counting) Dagran is shown to be exhausted, but the others continue. After the long climb they finally return to the surface. The next day Zael takes the book to Horace, who thanks him, and informs that he's now able to lift curses from weapons.

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