A ferocious cave-dwelling beast with very high physical strength and endurance. With incredible speed, it makes quick work of its prey. Zael encounters these beasts in the cave accessed during the Behind the East River Gate side quest.  They also appear at the Mysterious Forest when, instead of entering through the gate (upon arriving at the island), Zael turns around and drops down in the opposite direction.

To defeat them, use Gathering, endure a couple hits, and then use Gathering Burst. Burst should slow them all down. Next, go to the other side and prepare to do a vertical slice. Move your cursor where there are many of them, and when you drop down, you should hit surrounding enemies, by which time the slow should wear off. Gather, endure, burst, vertical slice: rinse and repeat. It is recommended to wear Heavy Armor and use a healing sword like Healel or Traive. A defence piercing weapon like the Nameless (or Nameless Nothingness if you got it) can work too.

Element: Nature (weak against Star.) When you defeat them, they usually yield stat boosters. The ones behind the east river gate however each give a Sylph Bowstring upon defeat,

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