This quest is available starting in Chapter 19.

Go to Jirall's room in the Living Area and and search his cabinets. There you will find Calista's Dress, equipment only the females can wear.

Note: Can only be upgraded by a maid in the Courtyard.

Name Defence Magic Defence Attribute Material for Upgrading
Calista's Dress 0 30 None -
Calista's Dress +1 0 70 None 30G
Calista's Dress +2 0 120 None 90G
Calista's Dress +3 0 170 None 130G
Calista's Dress +4 0 210 None


Gnome Silver

Calista's Dress +5 0 260 None


Gnome Silver

Calista's Dress +6 0 330 None


Gnome Silver

Calista's Dress +7 360 400 Barrier: +50% damage reduction


Indigo Thread

Calista's Dress +8 420 460 Barrier: +50% damage reduction


Indigo Thread

Calista's Dress +9 490 530 Barrier: +90% damage reduction


Indigo Thread

Calista's Dress +10/+99 518/3084 561/3335 Barrier: +90% damage reduction


Particle of the Outsider

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