An extremely strong monster of the nature element that was kept prisoner in the Dungeon by Count Arganan to be used as a weapon if ever needed. However, the moment never came and it was released by Zepha and Zesha during the third Gurak attack to Lazulis Island.

Before the release, if Zael revisits the dungeon and talks to one of the knights, he will tell you that this monster came from a completely different world. If Zael listens to the prisoners, they will say that the very sight of this monster can make them "mad".

Zael encounters him in the Turret Base, due to the web of tunnels that run under the Island which connected the Dungeon to the Turret Base.

In the battle Berith will be protected by a forcefield (like the ones Calista casts) that will absorb all the damage addressed to him. You'll have to take out the barrier before inflicting direct damage to him. However, after a while, he will regenerate the barrier.

He's a strong opponent at close and long range, since he can deal damage by shooting energy arrows with his bow that if they hit will explode after a while dealing High damage as well as swinging it to an opponents near him like a staff. it can also attack with a powerful and unique magical spell that damages and silences his targets on impact .

A new Berith is also fought at the beginning of Chapter 40, after the group enter the Last World. However, this Berith has the ability to create two duplicates of itself. These two copies will explode upon having their barriers wiped out. They will disappear after the real Berith's barrier has been destroyed.

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