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Ariela's Tavern

Zael and Company entering for the first time to the tavern

Ariela's Tavern is a Tavern in Lazulis City, run by Ariela's father. It is a two-story tavern which the mercenaries are staying in. They are taking up most of the top floor, with two rooms up there; Zael's Room (where the boys sleep) and Syrenne and Mirania's Room, where Syrenne and Mirania sleep. There is a bathroom attached to the latter room, where Syrenne has a bath with Lisa after Zael brings her back to the tavern. There is a merchant in the only room on the bottom floor.

There is one other Tavern in Lazulis City; The Flame & Lizard.

The Last Story Music - Ariel's Tavern08:21

The Last Story Music - Ariel's Tavern

music sometimes played in the tavern

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