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In the end, we were able to use the great power called by the Rite of Celestial Summoning - The Outsider - to bring an end to the conflict.

We harnessed the Outsider's near-boundless power using our own magical talents and various magial artefacts, and made use of it in every way possible--both as a simple energy source, and as a weapon. And so we came to possess a terrible power, greater than anthing created by man.

I wished to use this power as a deterrent to bring peace. I knew in my heart that peace brought about by fear could hardly be called peace at all, but I felt that it was necessary to rein in the fires of war before they turned our entire world to ash. I could eek a more permanent solution once the crrent crises was over.

I succeeded in my goal. all who bore witness to the Power of the Outsider laid down their arms and heeded my pleas. All of the warring factions were weary from the conflicts, and had lost the energy to continue. The Empire itself, too, was in a precarious position, and so gladly acceded to negotiating treaties of peace with all involved parties.

However, it was not long before a new problem surfaced.

Trees withered, springs dried up, and the once beautiful plains were transformed into mountains of dust. The land was gradually dying. At first we had no idea what the cause could be. Was it the effects of the war, or had a new threat befallen the land? The Sorceress and I searched for the cause in desperation. And when we uncovered the reason, I was left speechless with disbelief.

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