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It was here on this island that I first met that beautiful sorceress.

My search for a way to end the war ravaging this land led me to the Rite of Celestial Summoning. This rite enables its ser to call a great force from beyond the sky, and make its tremendous power hteir own. And it is said that only the Sorceress has ever suceeded in mastering this rite.

The Sorceress was once an ordinary human being who lived in a remote, nameless village. After being accused of heresy, she resolved to leave her home behind to protect her fellow villagers fro those who might seek to persecute her.

In the wake of these events, the Sorceress mde her way to the still unspoilt Lazulis Island to live a life of seclusion, away from the people of the world.

It was here that I approached her and proposed to use the Rite of Celestial Summoning to bring an end to the conflict.

That moment was the start of all that was to come.

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